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SBN Reacts: Football, football, wherefore art thou football?

Also, we find out some folks are pretty selfish about watching “amateurs” play sports.

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Texas v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

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It happened. The Big Ten and Pac-12 aren’t playing football this fall. The news was soon followed by players announcing plans to form a football players association.

As the rest of the Power Five conferences try and figure out their plans, fans were asked what they think will happen to the 2020 season. According to SB Nation’s Reacts results, more than 80 percent of fans think the entire college football season will be canceled or postponed. So either the SEC is getting nervous or they don’t vote in online Mothership polls.

Whether they are related or not, players continue their push to create some form of a union. Roughly two-thirds of fans said they would support a college football players association, although some people out there are selfish monsters who only want the players to get theirs if we the fans can exploit them for our benefit. Which I suppose could be marked as “status quo.”

I’m too depressed to poll y’all in a similar way this week. Have thoughts? Put them in the comments.


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