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Happy Birthday to The Daily Gopher

12 years (and 1 day) ago, TDG kicked off

Ferencvarosi TC v Mezokovesd Zsory FC - Hungarian OTP Bank Liga Photo by Laszlo Szirtesi/Getty Images


(Technically it was yesterday, but close enough. And all days blend together anyway.)

It was 12 ago that The Daily Gopher got it’s start. And it is crazy to think this has been going along for a dozen years.

This little blog started by myself and PagingJimShikenjanski, both of us toiling away on tiny blogs of our own before combining our efforts and joining SB Nation.

You can read our very first blog post HERE to glean a little more history into how this place got started. Or go read what our best case/worse case scenarios were for 2008.

Eventually some elite talent was added to the masthead here and I currently couldn’t be more proud of what we have become in our little corner of the internet.

Looking forward to year 13 when we can actually cover sports again.