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Get UStreet A Quarter Zip Petition reaches 262,144 signatures in just 18 hours

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Pitino has maybe also signed on
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Due to the continued lack of movement on releasing sweet merchandise, UStreet has resorted to creating an internet petition to advocate to make and sell University of Minnesota retro Goldy quarter-zips and related merchandise.

The blogger created the petition on directed to the University of Minnesota athletic director Mark Coyle and school president Joan Gabel under the #GetUStreetAQuarterZip hashtag. The University of Minnesota was the only school to provide coaches and players fire clothing options, and has a history of releasing less than stellar fan merchandise.

UStreet’s petitions comes after his parents wrote a series of text messages telling him to stop complaining and focus on something important. Those text messages were liked by other members of the family, and received similar kudos from other members of the The Daily Gopher’s staff. AJ Barker’s mom’s friend was not available for comment.

The petition was released just after 11am CST on Sunday. After an hour, it had two signatures. After six hours the total signatures grew to 64. Now, the petition has more than 262,144 within 18 hours. Petition watchers have described being surprised at the rate of growth, and suggested that they simply could not believe the speed at which signatures turned up. One even used the word “exponential” in the same sentence as “clearly bot traffic” to explain the rate. It is worth noting that the University of Minnesota will likely not take the signature count on UStreet’s petition into account if it reassesses its decision to make new merchandise.

The University has said in the past that it made its decision to not sell the quarter zips because of the economic uncertainties surrounding demand. Marketing associates know very little about the long-term viability of sales because the quarter zips are new and have not been available to fans.

A source speaking off the record to speak candidly about the proposal stated “Who? I have no idea who that is. In any case, he has absolutely no power over any decision made by this institution. Also most of these signatures are not by people who are part of the quarter zip market.”

Due to heat waves as a result of global warming, wearing a quarter zip in the fall may be UStreet’s only realistic opportunity to wear the University of Minnesota garment. And consider how much chaos The Daily Gopher is currently facing with regards for content that one of their eight best writers is resorting to making an online petition to get his voice heard.