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Who Wants a New Gopher Football Trophy Shirt—-You DO!!

There may not be football this fall—but there will be soon

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Who wants a shirt to bring us out of the doldrums...

No football this fall got you down? Us too. But we decided rather than dwell on the negative, lets focus on the positive. What’s more positive they being given a trophy for doing something well!

We partnered with Breaking T to come up with a new Gopher Football Rivalry Trophy T-shirt. I’m sure you have seen other classic versions of this shirt with band members names, TV and movie characters, etc. Well now it’s your turn to own one that has the names of all five of the rivalry trophies that the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team plays for.

Every Minnesota football fan will know exactly what this shirt is about when they see it. It’s a perfect shirt for watching an early season game as the Gophers try and bring home one of the trophies on the list. Maybe someday in some magical season to come the Gophers can actually have possession of all five at the same time. Hey you got to think positive in times like these... right?

If you want to purchase your shirt you can click on the link HERE.

Get yours before the Big Ten actually decides when you might get to see one of these trophies being played for again!!