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Minnesota Football: Updated 2020 Prop Bets

After the schedule change, here are some new odds

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 30 New Mexico State at Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As you know there has been a bit of turmoil in the last few weeks to the 2020 football season. The Big Ten has released it’s proposed 10-game schedule that hopefully will be played over the next four months. Minnesota star wide receiver Rashod Bateman has opted out of the 2020 season and will prepare for the 2021 NFL Draft. Who knows what may happen between the first day of fall camp today and the actual first game about a month away?

The people at have updated their 2020 prop bets after all of the information in the last few days and have released a new set for us to look at. Just remember kids—we don’t condone illegal gambling, but what we don’t know won't hurt us. Probably...or something like that.

Minnesota Over/Under—6 wins

This one is an interesting one. It really depends on how you think the Gophers will do with a lot of new defensive players, and missing their top two wideouts and running back from 2019. The top end of the new schedule is tough with a rivalry game murderers row of Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska back to back to back to back in weeks 2-5. If I’m looking at it with a homer take I take the over and see a good chance for at least 8 wins. If I take the reasonable take, I still think there is a good chance for 7 wins there so i’d lean that way.

Odds to Win the Big Ten 24/1

I think this is probably about right. Obviously you first need to win the west which will not be easy. Then you would need to beat one of Ohio State, Michigan, or Penn State which may be even harder. I probably wouldn’t waste any money on this one.

Odds to Play in the Big Ten Championship Game 7/1

Well there are seven teams in the West so obviously that’s how statistics works..right? No that’s not right I’m being told... The obvious key once again will be those four games in weeks 2-5. Go 3-1 against that group and your chances are looking pretty damn good. Go got work to do and might need some help—as Minnesota found out last year. Go 1-3...yeah don’t think that’s gonna work out real well.

Odds to Win the National Championship 150/1

I mean....there are worse things you could waste money on.

Tanner Morgan’s Heisman Odds 32/1

Like this. This is worse. I love Tanner but let’s be honest. Unless Tanner is the second coming of Peyton Manning and the Gophers go undefeated, that’s not gonna happen. Which...if by some minute chance it does and you bet both this and the national Championship one on a parlay. Well...remember your poor blog friends here and throw us a couple of bucks.

Tanner Morgan Passing Yards Over/Under 2,355.5

This is another tough one. If you split it out over the ten game season that’s just over 235 yards per game. You are missing Tyler Johnson and Rashod Bateman from a year ago when Tanner averaged 250.2 yards per game. I hope i’m wrong but swapping out those two receivers will negate more than 15 yards per game IMO.

Tanner Morgan Passing TD’s Over/Under 19.5

Another tough one. To get this Tanner needs to average about 2 TDs per game. Last season Tanner threw 30 TDs in 13 games for just over than 2.0 average. But once again, you lose your two best receivers. I think this one is more likely then the yards one, but it will be close.

Draft Position for Rashod Bateman Over/Under 23.5

This one is a compete crapshoot, just because you never know how the draft will play out. At 23.5 Bateman most likely would be in the top 3 WRs off the board which seems pretty likely, but with a completely up in the air 2020 season ahead you can’t guarantee anything.

Other Non-Gopher Interesting Prop Bets:

Here are the rest of the over/unders for the remaining Big Ten schools:

Illinois Fighting Illini—3

Indiana Hoosiers—5.5

Iowa Hawkeyes—5

Maryland Terrapins—2.5

Michigan Wolverines —5.5

Michigan State Spartans—2.5

Nebraska Cornhuskers—4

Northwestern Wildcats—5.5

Ohio State Buckeyes—9.5

Penn State Nittany Lions—8

Purdue Boilermakers—3.5

Rutgers Scarlet Knights—1

Wisconsin Badgers—8.5

And a few other bets:

Odds Scott Frost is fired before the 2021 Season— 5/2

Justin Fields Heisman Odds— 9/2

Over/Under closing point spread vs Michigan: OSU -18.5

Over/Under draft position for Micah Parsons: 6.5

Over/Under draft position for Rondale Moore: 19.5

Odds Rutgers goes winless: 4/3

Odds Graham Mertz starts a game at QB for Wisconsin in 2020: 3/1