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Gopher Basketball Nugz - August Edition

All eyes on the transfer portal

Minnesota v Northwestern Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The summer is generally slow for college basketball news, but this offseason is special, considering it’s happening in the middle of a pandemic. Lots of eyes on what is happening in the transfer portal, as the team anxiously awaits news on Liam Robbins and Both Gach, who would be impact players. Here’s a smattering of what’s beeing going on in Gopher basketball land.

ESPN’s winners and losers of the college basketball transfer season

ESPN broke down the ups and downs of the transfer market and, lo and behold, the Gophers are in the WINNERS column. Here’s what they had to say:

Grad transfer power forward Brandon Johnson is close to joining the team, writes Marcus Fuller.

One thing we won’t have to fret about is Johnson’s eligibility, since he is a grad transfer. The 6-foot-8, 220-pound Western Michigan standout projects to be a starting forward and will be immediately eligible to play once he graduates this summer, providing the Gophers some much-needed size and experience down low.

Marcus Carr has pulled his name from the NBA Draft and will return to the Gophers.

Perhaps the most impactful news of the offseason, Carr has decided to return for his senior season, making us all sigh deeply in relief. Carr retains his position as the starting (and pretty much only) point guard, and brings a ton of experience and ability to the team.

Dupree McBrayer has signed a deal to play for BC Borisfen of Mogilev, Belarus

Previously with the Estonian team BC Valga-Valka, where he averaged more than 10 ppg through eight games. Borisfen is one of the better teams in the Belarusian Premier League

ESPN offers its rankings of this and next year’s transfers

The Gophers are mentioned throughout ESPN’s rankings of 2020-21 and 2021-22 transfers as they bring on Brandon Johnson, Both Gach and Liam Robbins. With Payton Willis leaving and Drew Peterson reconsidering. Johnson is ranked #16 in the “immediately eligible” list, while Robbins (#6) and Gach (#33) in the “eligible for 2021-22” list. Let’s hope those two get switched into the “immediately eligible” list very soon.

After a few years playing professional ball in Europe, Andre Hollins announced his retirement.

Simply one of the Gopher greats. He finished 5th all-time in career scoring for the U.