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Minnesota Basketball: Three Keys to beating Ohio State

Gopher and Buckeyes clash at The Barn

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports


The Barn


4:30 PM




Ohio State

One noticeable trend for this Gopher team is that they have not played very well on the road and are a different team at home. The good news is that they are back at home, the bad news is that they have a lot of away games ahead for them.



Better Defense - Duh, right? But when this team holds teams to under 1.1 point per possession, they typically win. Achieving that number is not a challenging number to hit. A really good defensive team is holding teams to 0.9 or lower. So we aren’t asking for much here. Just solid, team defense.


Make Threes- I know, I know, I say this all the time. But hear me out. Other than their game against Nebraska, the Buckeyes have allowed every Big Ten team to shoot over 30% from three. And Notre Dame shot nearly 46% from three. They rank 219th in 3-point % defense. So maybe (just maybe) we’ll get some open threes that we will make.


Liam Robbins - He has, at times, been a force in the middle. He is going to have a size advantage in the paint today, so let’s see Robbins a force.


I’m starting to think that I’ll pick the Gophers to win their home games and lose their road games. Ohio State is vulnerable, especially if we’re making shots.

Minnesota - 81
Ohio State - 77