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Minnesota rises to #16 in AP Top 25

Brad Rempel;

Minnesota moved up to #16 in the AP as well as #17 in the coach’s poll. Voters rewarded Minnesota for splitting games against Wisconsin and Ohio State.

Here’s a bit of perspective on the meat grinder that is the start of Minnesota’s schedule this year. Since December 15th, every game the Gophers have played has been against a team currently ranked in the top 25 or Ohio State. Thanks to the AP voters who have not watched Michigan State play this season for keeping them ranked.

This has pros and cons. The pro is obvious. Every win for the Gophers is a Quad 1 win, and the team has a chance to rack up a bunch of them all season since right now only Nebraska is realistically not a potential Tier 1 win. The negative is that Minnesota is playing a brutal schedule. On Wednesday when Minnesota takes on Michigan, they will be playing their third top 10 opponent in the last two weeks. Any win against a top 25 team is a good win. Any win against a top 10 team is a great win. Any win against a top 10 team on the road is a cherry on top.