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NCAA Football: TDG’s Betting locks for week 9

Elite betting advice for your college football weekend

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 09 Iowa at Wisconsin
Herky indicating someone will have 00 points
Photo by Lawrence Iles/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Getting later into the season and it is probably time that I start making up some ground towards a winning record. These lock are the locks of the locks.


2021 Records

  • GN’s 2021 record: 8-13-1
  • Ustreet’s 2021 record: 0-5-1

GopherNation’s Lock of the week

Moving on to this week’s locks.

Iowa at Wisconsin UNDER

This game might be 2-0. Whatever the under is, take it.

In all seriousness, both teams have very good defenses and offenses that STRUGGLE.

Northwestern Under 17.5 for the game

I’m digging a little deeper here but I find where you can bet on just NW’s total. This offense is bad and I urge you to take this under as well.

Baylor -2.5 over Texas

Home game for the Bears and I like them to win by a FG.

UStreet’s Lock of the week

I am starting to be a little angry at my article compatriot for saying that I am 0-5-1 on the year. Recall, that every time I am wrong I am actually right. This is the game I am most sure to be wrong about.

Last week is a classic example of it. I said that Cincy would cover against Navy because Navy is awful. The back half of that sentence is true. The former part was not. Ergo, you should have faded this bet and made money. Remember, down is up. Oh and every team in college football is bad this year.

Speaking of teams that are bad:

Missouri (-15.5) at Vanderbilt

I have started watching the reality show Alone, where 10 individuals go into the wilderness and try to survive as long as possible. They spend a lot of time thanking rabbits for dying in their traps.

This game is the Alone of college football. Can you survive watching the entire game, or will you tap out 2 minutes into the first quarter because why on earth would you willingly choose to watch either of these teams this year? Why? Seriously. Why?

Missouri fails to cover.