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Minnesota Gophers Football vs. Iowa Hawkeyes: Predictions


Ugh. In news that will shock no one, losing to Illinois has dimmed the staff’s optimism considerably coming into the Iowa road trip. Please feel free to call a good offense for the Gophers this weekend and surprise us Mike Sanford.

The predictions

This week’s thoughts

Blake: Yes, a shutout loss. I will not be taking questions at this time. Please see my opponent preview.

GoAUpher: So much bad offensive football will be played.

gopherguy05: Iowa’s offense is awful but if they get a couple of short fields off of turnovers...well that’s all they probably will need.

GopherNation: We love to assume the bad losses are what defines this team. But this team is erratic and at Iowa is when they have one of their good games.

HipsterGopher: In 114 meetings between these two programs, 6 points is the lowest combined score. back in 1918 Iowa won 6-0, but i cant predict a Hawkeye win so I’m flipping the historic score and giving the Gophers the W. NOTE: Hipster’s bit is that he picks using scores from previous matchups.

mowe0018: This is how it goes: Iowa has a quantum leap in offensive creativity for their first two drives (a la 2019). They score two touchdowns (missed extra point) and then proceed to sit on that lead while the Gopher offense sputters. Fleck has never beaten Iowa and that trend will continue because outside of 2018 Wisconsin and 2019 Penn State, Fleck doesn’t win big conference games. I, like iowagopher, will not be taking questions at this time.

UStreet: In lieu of predicting scores, I’m offering the fan base a sure fire way to prove I have no idea what I’m talking about. We invested $100 in Goldy bucks and each week I’m betting $7.69 a week on a prediction. Comment whether you agree with or want to fade my bet and we will keep track of who is smarter: the commentariat or me. It’ll be you.

Everyone (that’s you, me, Gopher fans at the game) freaks out immediately about something.

White Speed Receiver: *no rationale given*

wildcat00: *lost in the Springfield Mystery Spot*

zipsofakron: Iowa is the most overrated team in the country and I’m still salty that they were ranked #2. Separately, there was so much angst after the Illinois loss that I don’t see how Fleck and the seniors don’t make it their life’s mission to win this game.

Post your score predictions in the comments, and don’t forget to bet with or against UStreet!