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Minnesota Football: Hitting the road to face Indiana, 3 Keys to getting a win.

Can the Gophers get back on a winning track with a win at Indiana?

NCAA Football: Indiana at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Hard to believe that we’ve only faced the Hoosiers twice in the last 13 seasons. But it is a fact and the Gophers have won both of those contests. PJ Fleck is 1-0 in all of his Indiana game weeks and is looking to move to 2-0 against the Hoosiers.

Here’s how it happens.


  • 200 yards rushing - It is pretty rare that I ever use a specific stat here and really that number isn’t specific to anything other than I want to see both Bucky Irving and Ky Thomas get to 100 yards rushing. And I don’t need to see a pass.
  • No big plays - I’m not sure this offense can grind out long drives on a consistent basis. Just keep them from getting quick points and confidence.
  • Turnovers - No dumb interceptions please...unless of course you are wearing a Hoosier uniform.


  • #5 RB - Stephen Carr - The Hoosiers play like 3 quarterbacks but Carr is the staple in the backfield.
  • #47 LB- Micah McFadden - Near the top of the Big Ten with 15 TFLs!


Indiana was ranked in the preseason poll for the first time since 1969. There was a LOT of anticipation for this Hoosier season. And they have not only failed to live up to the hype, they have been dreadful. They have lost 6 straight games and have managed double-digit points in just 2 of those games.

I know we are all bummed about this season’s disappointments for the Gophers, but Indiana is a reminder that it could be much worse.

This is a game where the Gophers return to dominating the line of scrimmage and running the ball all over.

Minnesota - 28
Indiana - 13