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Minnesota Basketball: Gophers at Michigan, three keys to getting a Big Ten road win.

Three keys to a Gopher basketball win at Michigan

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Ann Arbor

5:30 PM



After a hard fought loss to Michigan State, the Gophers hit the road to face Michigan.


Mascot: Wolverines
Record: 6-3
KenPom Rank: #11

The Wolverines are a legit Big Ten and Final Four contender. This promises to be a difficult task for the Gophers, What will it take to get their first Big Ten win?



Hunter Dickinson is key - This big man scares me today. Dickinson is an All-Big Ten caliber player who very well may have his way with the Gophers inside today. Averaging over 14 points and nearly 9 rebounds per game while also shooting 45% from three (only 11 attempts). Interior defense and rebounding is not a Gopher strength, he needs to be just average today.


Force some turnovers - Michigan actually turns the ball over way more than they should. We don’t excel at forcing them, but we may need them today. A few bonus possessions or easy baskets will help tremendously.


Make Threes - Michigan does a very good job defending the three and we can be a good shooting team. In games like this, you have to flip the script on something. The Wolverines were killed by North Carolina, partly because the Tarheels shot very well from three. We need to follow that plan.


Michigan is really very good and I will be surprised to see the Gophers get this road win. Of all our remaining games, this is the least likely game to win with KenPom giving us a 12% chance.

I am much more confident as we go through the schedule, but not today.

Minnesota - 69
Michigan - 78