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Minnesota Basketball: Three Keys to beating Green Bay in the afternoon

Can the Gophers beat the Phoenix this afternoon?

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Barn

4:00 PM


Green Bay

The game that was once on BIG+ and tonight is not going to be viewable on TV and moved to this afternoon. Can the Gophers take care of Green Bay at the Barn today?

Green Bay

Mascot: Phoenix
Conference: Horizon
Record: 2-9
KenPom Rank: 319

Statistically the worst team on the Gopher’s schedule. Here is what it will take to win.



No turnovers - This was a problem last time around. The Gophers have been very good at not turning the ball over...before the Corpus Christi game. I don’t anticipate Green Bay applying the same level of pressure, but just take care of the ball.


Make Threes - A really cold shooting night could doom the Gophers. We don’t need to make 40%, but it needs to be above 20% today.


Be sharp - This is one of those game where showing up isn’t enough. Showing up and executing should be.


Green Bay does not shoot very well, they don’t play very good defense and they are a poor rebounding team. All of that is a recipe for being a bad basketball team and one the Gophers should win easily.

Minnesota - 76
Green Bay- 54