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Minnesota wins the battle of the whatever against Northwestern

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament- Minnesota vs Northwestern Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota beat Northwestern 51-46 to continue on their season. The Gophers next face Ohio State.

How was the game you ask?


Look, I hate the Big Ten Tournament. I hate all conference tournaments. I find the notion that a team who was generally heinous during the regular season should get into the NCAA Tournament despicable. For low-major conferences or one bid leagues, it strikes me as even more unfair. I am aware that fairness is seldom the criteria utilized in major college athletics, but on this point it should be.

I mention that I hate conference tournaments to illustrate that I do not believe the Gophers should have played tonight. However, the fundamental principle that I will always hold is that my day is always better when Minnesota wins a game than when Minnesota loses. I am highly skeptical that the Gophers will extend their tournament run past Thursday, but I will root for them to do so anyway.