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SBN Reacts: Losing to Rutgers made people happier?

Polls are weird when Gophers fans vote in them.

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I don’t understand y’all. The Gophers lose to Rutgers to finish out the regular season and suddenly 14% of you are happy? Were 14% of you so miserable that the end of the regular season cheered you up?

And no, it wasn’t the dead cat bounce from the win over Northwestern. The polls closed before that game.

Anyway, onto the national questions which were all about NCAA bracket pools:

Well, the first questions explains why most of us lose our pools to the random dude at work who doesn’t watch sports.

A large percentage of voters don’t want to play for money.

The rest of you are degenerates.

I can’t recall the last time I won a pool. Oh well, not going to stop me from trying again!

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