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TDG Bracket Challenge Update

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Syracuse at West Virginia Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

That was a fun weekend for destroying brackets. Every single seed number other than 16 won a game in the tournament, proving that on some level the bracket seedings were very off. COVID also struck the tournament, with VCU having to bow out due to positive testing. Hopefully every member of the team has recovered and is fully healthy.

For those of us who find the first weekend of the tournament (and National Corn Dog Day) to be a ready escape from the monotony of existence, there was much to remember. The most fun game to watch was Oral Roberts defeating an undermanned Florida squad 81-78, though provincially the most fun game to watch was Baylor’s throttling of Wisconsin. The Big Ten would prefer to forget most of the games as only Michigan remains in Sweet 16. Oregon and Iowa played a marvelous game of defense optional basketball that I am always here for. Loyola Chicago put on a masterclass to crown themselves the best team in the state of Illinois.

Importantly for us, there are TDG shirts up for grabs for the first and second place winners in our group. Right now, the TDG writers are shamelessly throwing away the blankets of glory and instead walking around in the shivers of mediocrity. Thank you to Illinois for getting pantsed by Loyola. The current top 5 is below:

  1. Andy Brunn
  2. DarkoPunk
  3. Sjohn008
  4. MKEGopher
  5. IVIcChaos1986