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Minnesota Basketball: Parker Fox of Northern State transfers to Minnesota

Ben Johnson gets his second transfer, a D2 standout from Northern State

Kelly Hagenson

Ben Johnson has picked up another transfer, another former local player who went elsewhere before coming back to Minnesota. Parker Fox is from Mahtomedi and chose to further his career at D2, Northern State. After 3 years with the Wolves, Fox has decided to transfer up to D1 and play for his hometown Golden Gophers.

Parker Fox

Ht: 6’8”
Wt: 210
High School: Mahtomedi

First of all, that’s a great Twitter commit video. Secondly, Fox had a very successful three years at Northern.

This past season the Wolves were ranked #2 in the final D2 regular season poll, were the #1 seed in their region and lost in the region championship to NW Missouri State, who went to win the D2 national championship.

Fox was the conference northern division MVP and Defensive player of the year. He started 50 games, averaged 19.9 points a sophomore and 22.1 as a junior. He led the conference in blocked shots and shot 62% from the floor, but expect most of his points to come closer to the rim. Fox attempted only 20 threes on the season and surprisingly shot just 50.4% from the free throw line (54.5% career).

How will he fit into the Gopher’s rotation? Very likely a power forward who will either split time with Brandon Johnson or get a lot of minutes if Johnson decides not to play out his bonus season.

An energy guy who really wants to be here, should be fun to see what Fox can bring to the 2021-22 Gophers.