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Classicgopher wins the TDG 2021 Bracket Challenge

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Baylor v Gonzaga Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Thanks to Baylor’s smackdown of Gonzaga, the TDG 2021 Tournament challenge comes to a close with none of the writers of this blog anywhere close to the top.

Congratulations to Classicgopher, who finished the with 1330 points. In second place is Imploding the Madness with 1280 points. The top 4 brackets all chose Baylor as their tournament winner.

The rest of the top 5 are:

3. Just Happy to be Here

4. Iona Minivan

5. Miles Tarver Rules

As mentioned at the beginning of the challenge, we have t-shirts for the top 2 winners. You can see them here. For Classicgopher and Imploding the Madness, if you would like to claim your prize, send me an email with proof of your bracket and we’ll get you your t-shirts.