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SKI-U-Pahd: Calling for questions

we want you to ask us things for our next edition of the Pahd

We are streaking towards the end of the Minnesota Golden Gophers athletic seasons and will start to hit our “slow” months around here very soon until football camp opens up in August. So we decided to open up our next Ski-U-Pahd to you, our listeners, readers, and commenters.

It’s time for a mailbag podcast! That’s right we want you to ask us anything and we may (probably) will use your questions in our next podcast. You can ask anything you want, questions on any gopher sport, on twin cities restaurants/bars, tailgate topics, beer/whiskey questions. The floor is yours. We will try to answer as many as possible.

We are looking to record maybe early next week so you have some time to think, but don’t wait until the last possible minute. Feel free to leave your questions below in the comments or reply to our twitter if that’s easier. We will look forward to answering your questions.