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Ski-U-Pahdcast 4.40: Olympic Preview and Summer Vacation!

Strike up the fanfare!

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Gopherguy05 is left high and dry once again this week by the rest of his friends and goes solo. This week’s Pahd is a short and sweet update on current and former Minnesota Gophers who will represent the maroon and gold, and red, white, blue and a few other colors in the Toyko Olympics that begin next week.

He also talks a bit of football, both good and sad news, and we once again get to plug Homefield Apparel!

The Minnesota line dropped last Saturday on their Big New Saturday and it’s gorgeous!

The best news? Use promo code DAILYGOPHER to save 15% off your first order off of some of the most comfortable and gorgeous shirts you will own!

This will most likely be the last Pahd until August so enjoy the rest of your summer and get ready to come back energized as we ramp up for football season!!

Listen to the Pahd here or on your favorite podcast streaming app.