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Ski-U-Pahdcast 4.39: Let’s celebrate retro apparel and new State Fair foods!

But not the vegan fair foods that trick us. Those are bad.

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This is a big episode. An episode where GoAUpher unintentionally goes vegan. An episode where we learn head coach Ben Johnson is a single starter away from having the ultimate Stan Lee Lineup. But perhaps most importantly, this episode includes a truly historic moment that you can witness with your ears.




A actually legitimate and good brand asked to partner with us. #BOOM

The good news? That brand is Homefield Apparel and they’re launching a line of retro Minnesota gear this Saturday, 7/10.

The best news? Use promo code DAILYGOPHER to save 15% off your first order.

Also, vegan fair food is evil and I do not like being tricked.

This was a fun one, so listen in!

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