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Minnesota Football vs. Ohio State: Staff Predictions

Who picks the upset?

Predictions time. Most of us stuck with the safe prediction and picked Ohio State to win. I mean, can you blame us? Not that this will keep me from dancing all over the field at The Bank if the Gophers pull it out.

The predictions

This week’s thoughts

GoAUpher: I’d love to be present for an upset here, but there’s no way I’m predicting that. Ohio State is a more talented team with a strong coaching staff. That doesn’t mean they can’t be beat, it just means it’s a lot more likely that Minnesota loses this one in fairly convincing fashion. If that happens you won’t see me upset, I’ll have enjoyed my first tailgate in two years and enjoyed a Gopher game in person. There will be plenty to celebrate even in a loss.

gopherguy05: The Buckeyes offense is just too good and the Gopher defense just has too many question marks yet. The Gophers put up a good fight, but this one is really never in doubt.

GopherNation: I do expect a good game and the Gophers to be competitive. OSU scores late to go up 10, Minnesota tries to drive late in the 4th to get it back to a 1-score game but fails.

HipsterGopher: I think the game will be reasonably close. Although I’m not picking the Gophers I’m calling the Buckeyes have to eventually vacate this victory. Just like after the 2010 matchup.

mowe0018: A large majority of the ingredients that usually portend a ‘massive’ upset in college football will be present in Minneapolis on Thursday night. The home underdog, the consistency on the offensive side of the ball, a desire to run and control the clock, a new opposing quarterback, first game back from a weird year... Unfortunately, Ohio State is stacked with talent at all positions and is generally well coached. And the Gophers’ defense would seem to be like a lamb being led to the slaughter for the sake of getting tape for future use for the rest of the season. However, I do believe there will be a back-door covering of the spread and that the Gophers’ offense will have its moments of competency despite playing an extremely talented Buckeye defense.

UStreet: In lieu of predicting scores, I’m offering the fan base a sure fire way to prove I have no idea what I’m talking about. We invested $100 in Goldy bucks and each week I’m betting $7.69 a week on a prediction. Comment whether you agree with or want to fade my bet and we will keep track of who is smarter: the commentariat or me. It’ll be you.

wildcat00: Score prediction courtesy of my kid.

zipsofakron: Am I on something? Maybe.

Look, this is a loss 9 out of every ten times Minnesota faces OSU. but this is essentially a sold out home game in front of fans who haven’t seen live football in two years, with a positive offseason narrative getting everyone geared up. It’s going to be wild. Don’t ignore the homefield advantage here.

And let’s not forget that it’s the first game of the season. Literally anything can happen and in these cases I’m willing to at least consider that veteran players will have less rust to shake off. Advantage Gophers? The locker room is locked in.

Remember when #2 TCU came to town in 2015 for the opener? Remember when USC came to town in 2011? Those were very close games against premier opponents.

And remember ... the Gophers are not a bad team.

ED NOTE: Jobu’s blessings be upon you zips, may you be the most correct of all of us!

Post your score predictions in the comments, and don’t forget to bet with or against UStreet!