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NCAA Football: Betting locks for week 2 of college football

Week 1’s locks are in the books, moving on to week 2

BYU v Utah State Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

Well, it wasn’t a slam dunk weekend for us last weekend, but all was not lost. The beauty of gambling is that you tend to forget losses (except the bad beats) and you only remember your brilliant wins.

Moving on.

GN’s 2021 record: 2-3
Ustreet’s 2021 record: 0-1 (or 1-0, depends on how you look at it)

Last week I totally failed on my Illinois and Ohio picks. But I nailed Iowa over Indiana.

I made a number of other bets, don’t get me started about how good I was feeling with Notre Dame up 18 in the 3rd quarter. That one stung.

To be clear my betting involves big bets of $5, this is very much an exercise of making games more fun to watch, I am not here to make money.

Ustreet tells us to do the opposite of his picks. He went with Northwestern over Michigan State and he was totally wrong right, I’m not really sure.

GopherNation’s Lock of the week

Moving on to this week’s locks.

Coastal Carolina -27 over Kansas

I really hate the size of that number, but this is a pick from the heart. Last year when the season got started, before the Big Ten re-decided to play their season, Coastal became my adopted team. Bets were placed on the Chants before they blew up and became the G5 darling of the season. Week after week they earned their way into my heart. I’m going back.

Texas -7 over Arkansas

I’m believing in Texas as being a good (not elite) team again this year. They are on the road here against an SEC team, but I see them winning by more than a touchdown.

The Longhorns started out with a nice win over a ranked Louisiana club. Arkansas is also 1-0 but they won’t stay within a touchdown of Texas.

Utah -7 over BYU

The U over the Y in this heated rivalry. BYU is also home, but again I just don’t think they are good enough to keep this within a touchdown. The Y beat Arizona at home by 8, the Wildcats are the consensus worst team in the Pac-12. Now they host Utah, who is ranked. I doubt this stays within 10 points.

UStreet’s Lock of the week

Week 1 and already I hit a paradox of infinite regress. Am I wrong about expecting to be wrong about a bet that MSU would cover against Northwestern? What does that mean for my record? Practically it means that everyone fading that pick lost money. Let’s do better this week.

TCU (-9.5) over Cal

I don’t know anything about TCU this year, but 9.5 is too low against Cal. Bet the over on the points. Put down your mortgage.