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Minnesota Football vs. Miami (OH): Staff Predictions

We are unanimous in our enjoyment of cupcakes.

Ah yes, the cupcake portion of the non-con schedule. The time where some of us think the Minnesota Gophers will run a team out of the building and others on staff are confident of a win but less confident of the margin.

The predictions

This week’s thoughts

Blake: See my opponent preview.

GoAUpher: I don’t care about margin of victory. I care about winning and about the Gophers leaving the game as healthy as they entered it. Everything else is a bonus. That said, I wouldn’t be mad if the defense showed some improvement.

gopherguy05: The Gophers score some points and hopefully put a clamp down on defense. This came could be even more high scoring for the Gophers if they want to attach, but most likely they will sit back and get Potts and Wiley a lot of action

GopherNation: Just win please.

HipsterGopher: My whole bit of picking games based solely on matchup history works best when there are a lot of games to pick from. The Gophers and Redhawks have only played four other times, giving me slim pickens. so my prediction is based off the 1988 minnesota victory over Miami of Ohio

mowe0018: Minnesota is a good team. Miami (OH) is not. Minnesota has a few extra days of rest and prep, that should help out despite losing an All-American in the previous game. I think Fleck has the Gopher program at a point where they will comfortably take care of middling MAC teams at home.

UStreet: In lieu of predicting scores, I’m offering the fan base a sure fire way to prove I have no idea what I’m talking about. We invested $100 in Goldy bucks and each week I’m betting $7.69 a week on a prediction. Comment whether you agree with or want to fade my bet and we will keep track of who is smarter: the commentariat or me. It’ll be you.

This week? Bet the over on the total points.

White Speed Receiver: Miami Hydroxide is not good. Their reward for getting their ass beat by Cincinnati is to go to Minnesota to face a team full of RBs that want to prove that they deserve the most carries. That just feels like a recipe for disaster. If their QB is back, maybe they’ll get to 20.

wildcat00: If this was a good MAC team, I would be a little worried. But Miami (OH) is not a good MAC team.

zipsofakron: Going to be closer than we expect but I think we’re going to feel good about our RB situation after the game. Miami will score a garbage time TD to make it seem close but it’ll be in hand in the 4th.

Post your score predictions in the comments, and don’t forget to bet with or against UStreet!