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NCAA Football: Betting locks for week 3 of college football

Coastal holds off Kansas for the 27-pt win, what are this week’s locks?

NCAA Football: Kansas at Coastal Carolina David Yeazell-USA TODAY Sports

How’d we do last week?

And by nailed it, I mean we were not even remotely close on anything. Wait, I pushed on the Coastal bet, so I guess that one was remotely close. And it even took a little Chants magic to get back to 27.

GN’s 2021 record: 2-6
Ustreet’s 2021 record: 0-2 (or 1-1 depends on how you look at it)

Moving on to this week’s stone cold locks. Keep in mind that past performance is in now indicative of future success. Right?

GopherNation’s Lock of the week

Moving on to this week’s locks.

Oklahoma -21.5 over Nebraska

I’ll defer to UStreet’s commentary below, but we agree that this is a lock.

Maryland -7.5 over Illinois

I have turned on the Illini and Maryland is playing well. I wish this was within 7 points but also, I think Maryland wins this by double-digits.

Coastal Carolina -14.5 over Buffalo

Chants magic is a thing and they will roll Buffalo. This isn’t even a question. The lock of all locks.

UStreet’s Lock of the week

Boom that’s what I’m talking about. A TCU barely squeaking out a victory over Cal meaning that if you faded my clear cover bet you won money. Perfect and complete accuracy on the best I was confident to be wrong about.

Oklahoma (-21.5) over Nebraska

Hey, old friend of the blog Laughing Cheerleader, what do you think about Nebraska’s chances in this game?

“My parents always told me that if I didn’t have something nice today to say nothing at all. But you can always make exceptions for teams that wear red and white. I am looking forward to see who Scott Frost blames in the aftermath of this game.”

Thanks Laughing Cheerleader. Bet Oklahoma to easily cover that point spread.