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Minnesota Basketball: 2021-22 Three keys to earning a win at Michigan State

A rematch with the Spartans, can the Gophers get a win?

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Minnesota Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

East Lansing

6:00 PM


Michigan St

And we get our first rematch of the season. Will the Spartans continue the Gopher’s 2-game losing streak?

Michigan State

Mascot: Spartans
Record: 13-2
KenPom Rank: 19

The first time these teams played, the Spartans were physical and dominate for the first half before the Gophers figured out that they can play in the Big Ten.



Turn the Spartans over - For one, the Spartans have a turnover issue. Also, when the Gophers made a late run to close the game to within 6, it was largely due to turning turnovers into points.


Win the battle of threes - Last time around, the Spartans shot 47.6% from three while the Gophers were 26.1%. Tough to win with that sort of a disparity. To be honest, the Gophers have shot over 30% from three in only 1 Big Ten game this year. That is going to have to change.


Box Out - Always an issue for this team, but especially against the Spartans. They value rebounding as much or more than any other team in the league.


This is a game where things will have to go right for the Gophers and some of the trends of each team will need to be flipped. I only see 3 or 4 games left on the schedule where I’d be shocked if the Gophers win, this is one of them.

Not completely out of the realm of possibility, but highly unlikely tonight.

Minnesota - 56
Michigan State - 67