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Minnesota Basketball: Can the Gophers beat Wisconsin in Madison? Three keys to a win.

Winning in Madison is a challenge, can the Gophers do it?

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports


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A quick turnaround for both teams as they just played on Thursday, but the Gophers are in Madison to take on the Badgers.


Mascot: Badgers
Record: 16-3
KenPom Rank: 25

Oh hi there Brad Davison and Tyler Wahl. Now go away.

From a statistical resume standpoint these teams are similar, with Wisconsin being just a little better. Both teams take care of the ball while also not forcing very many turnovers. Both teams are just OK at rebounding, while not emphasizing offensive rebounds. The biggest advantage is probably that the Gophers are better at shooting the three.



No Fouls - Fouls are obviously going to happen, but playing in the Kohl Center, you can’t get into a situation where the Badgers get significantly more FT attempts than you. In addition to the fact that we aren’t exactly deep.


Keep your heads on straight - Don’t get caught up in any Davison bs. Play sound defense on Wahl and just don’t let this turn into a referendum on who should have been recruiting whom and all this other drama.


Play free and have fun - I want to see a loose and fun team out there today. Not being careless or just jacking up shots, but get on a little run and watch the smiles come across all of their faces and get on a roll. Oh and maybe care about a rebound or two.


I do think that Wisconsin is not as good as their record indicates, but other than their blowout loss to Michigan State, they have been proving me wrong.

Regardless, they are a better team than the Gophers and playing at home. This is one of the 3 least likely wins left on the schedule.

Minnesota - 63
Wisconsin - 74