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Minnesota Football vs. Northwestern: Staff Predictions

We have a clean sweep for the second straight week

Confidence is high among The Daily Gopher staff that the Minnesota Golden Gophers will be able to extend their winning streak to three games this Saturday against Northwestern.

The Predictions:

This Week’s Thoughts:

Blake: See my opponent preview.

GoAUpher: Is it a coincidence that the Gophers started winning again as soon as I started posting ridiculous scores in these predictions? Almost certainly. Am I going to risk losing to Northwestern by stopping the nonsense? Heck no. Gophers win and there are safeties for everyone.

gopherguy05: This should be comfortable, but you know what you can be if you assume. Hopefully the weather plays a much less factor than Northwestern’s game last week.

GopherNation: This is one that gets back to the script of the Michigan State and Colorado games.

HipsterGopher: Did you know the largest margin of victory in the history of this matchup is 72-6? The Gophers won by this amount on November 25, 1905.

mowe0018: A tune-up for the only two games that really matter on the schedule.

Ustreet: It’ll be boring and awful.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: This one is for the people who complained about the Rutgers game.

wildcat00: It might be a M00N game for much of four quarters. And yes, it will be exactly that boring.

zipsofakron: Let the Athan Kaliakmanis era begin in earnest. His feet will continue to give this offense just enough of a new wrinkle to give Mo room to work and make for a frosty victory under the second half lights.

Post your score predictions in the comments!