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Minnesota Basketball: Three keys to beating DePaul in Gavitt Games and how to watch

How to finally watch Gopher hoops and 3 keys to beating DePaul in the Gavitt Games

Minnesota v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

The Barn

6:00 PM



The Gophers finally face a quality opponent with DePaul coming to The Barn. The Blue Demons are predicted to finish at or near the bottom of the Big East, but so are the Gophers. So this should be an interesting matchup.

And the best news is that this game is on TV for most of us. YAY!


Mascot: Blue Demons
Record: 2-0
KenPom Rank: 88

Can the Gophers get a win over a Big East opponent?



Need a healthy Jamison Battle - I don’t care how bad DePaul may be, the Gophers need their best player playing tonight. Getting back Braeden Carrington seems likely, which will be nice, but Battle is needed.


Rebound, especially defensively - Our defensive rebounding has not been great in the two games against two pretty weak teams. I’m not convinced that DePaul is elite in offensive rebounding, but getting stops with 1 missed shot will be important.


Get to the FT Line - Lets penetrate, get to the line and make free throws. DePaul has not been great at keeping teams off the foul line, I’d like to see the Gophers take advantage of that.


I’d like to be confident in today’s game, but to be honest I have not yet been able to see the team play and it really depends on if Battle is able to play tonight.

Most importantly, I’m excited to see the game and get a look at the new faces for myself.

With Battle, I would predict a Gopher win. Without him, I will not. For now, let’s assume Battle plays.

Minnesota - 77
DePaul - 68