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Minnesota Football: The Monday Perspective is excited

and a little nervous, but lets beat Iowa!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 15 Minnesota at Illinois Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I know, I know, it’s Tuesday. But we both know that sometimes TMP happens on a Tuesday.

I was walking along the street on Saturday following the Gopher win over Northwestern and my emotions quickly turned from being pleased with the win to excitement for the Iowa game.

Or was it nervousness?

Maybe excitment?

Definitely nervous.

Hard to tell really. And is there a difference?

There is, but our bodies react the same with both emotions. “In both, the heart beats faster, cortisol surges, and the body prepares for action.” Well, I’m ready for action. I’m excited, not nervous, because I’m looking forward to a Gopher win.

The losses to Illinois and Purdue are both losses that still irk me. And even just one of those puts us in the driver’s seat for the West. But the fact is that the season comes down to an opportunity to beat Iowa, then beat Wisconsin and have both Floyd and The Axe in your possession for the first time in decades. And that is nothing to be disappointed with.

This Iowa team is really horrific offensively and they are going to be playing on the road in what look like will be pretty awful conditions. Which of course means that they will score more points on Saturday than the scored in the month of October. The embattled Brian Ferentz usually saves his one good offensive game for the Gophers. Don’t forget 2019 when Iowa put up 20 points quickly on that great Minnesota team. And last year when the Hawkeyes completed a 72-yard touchdown pass on the Gophers. Likely their longest offensive play in 3 years (note, I did not fact check this).

Am I nervous about the Iowa offense exploding for points? Not really, just noting that they do typically seem to be playing more cards when they play the Gophers.

But this is the year that PJ Fleck and staff are fed up enough that they are going to win this game, likely with some sort of a statement.

I feel it in my bones. I’m excited for it to occur. No nerves, just excitment.

And maybe a little bit of nerves.