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Minnesota Football vs. Iowa: Staff Predictions

Hate Week is here

An open letter to the Minnesota Golden Gophers,

Please win on Saturday. Please.


The Predictions:

This Week’s Thoughts:

Blake: See my opponent preview.

GoAUpher: Blake sits on a throne of lies.

gopherguy05: I’m going full reverse jinx here. If Minnesota can avoid turnovers, I do think they have a shot. But if they can’t, it’s all over. I really hope they can figure out a way to win though, just for Blake’s mental health.

GopherNation: Iowa scores on their first drive and then does not find the end zone the rest of the day.

HipsterGopher: In 1904, Minnesota beat Iowa 11-0 in Cedar Rapids. I think repeating this result would be very funny.

mowe0018: In my personal opinion, which I admit isn’t generally accurate, this is the most important game of the P.J. Fleck era to date. I will choose to think optimistically because the alternative is a dark, dark, dark place.

Ustreet: It’s going to be terrible again.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Avoid this game if you can. I’ll watch it for you.

wildcat00: It’s going to be awful, and we all know it.

zipsofakron: Iowa scores on a short field after an early Gophers turnover and people get uneasy. Athan composes himself, leans on Mo to do the heavy lifting, and it is a long, cold, victorious slog to the end.

Post your score predictions in the comments!