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Minnesota Football vs. Wisconsin: Staff Predictions

Axe Week is here

Here we are, at the end of the regular season. You’ve either pinned your hopes on a win over Wisconsin salvaging a disappointing season or you’ve checked out completely. At The Daily Gopher, we’re very much in the former (for the most part). Better dead than red, right?

The Predictions:

This Week’s Thoughts:

Blake: See my opponent preview.

GoAUpher: Mo breaks the remaining records and the Gophers cleanse our palettes to end the season.

gopherguy05: Another ugly slog but this time maybe Minnesota finds a way to come out on top. Or at least I sure hope so, for my sanity...

GopherNation: This is my first emotional hedge of the season.

HipsterGopher: On November 26, 1903, Minnesota beat wisconsin 17-0.

mowe0018: Hello darkness my old friend.

Ustreet: It’ll be terrible

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Minnesota is nice, wisconsin is not.

wildcat00 could not be reached for comment.

zipsofakron: Going to be a nail-biter but at the end of the day the Gophers will finish the season 8-4 with a key rivalry trophy in the case.

Post your score predictions in the comments!