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Minnesota Basketball: Three keys to beating Purdue in Big Ten opener and how to watch

Can the Gophers start the Big Ten like they did last year?

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

West Lafayette

4:00 PM



It seems very unlikely that the Gophers are going to pull off an upset over the Boilermakers at Purdue.

#5 Purdue

Record: 6-0
KenPom Rank: 7

So Purdue is pretty good and quite possibly an eventual Big Ten champ. Not the best way to start out the Big Ten season by going on the road to face the Boilermakers. Can we win? Unlikely, but here’s what it would take.



BOX OUT - We are abysmal at defensive rebounding while Purdue is really good at offensive rebounding. This is a bad combination and something that will need to be miraculously reversed if you want to win this afternoon.


Make Threes - Another area that really does not favor the Gophers. Purdue is 5th nationally at defending the three and we have not been taking good good threes...or making them.


Win the paint - Zach Edey is a great college center and winning this battle is unlikely, but what a great challenge for Pharrel Payne and an opportunity to establish himself as legit Big Ten center.


Purdue wins and wins big.

Minnesota - 59
Purdue - 73