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Minnesota Basketball: Can the Gophers beat #4 Purdue? Here are your 3 keys.

Gopher are hosting Boilermakers, here are your 3 keys to a win.

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The Barn

6:00 PM



And the schedule doesn’t get any easier. At least it’s at home (?).

#4 Purdue

Mascot: Boilermakers
Record: 18-3
KenPom Rank: 8

This would be a potential storm-the-court caliber of a win. Can they pull it off?



Find Great Defense - Purdue has only 3 losses all year and in each of them they struggled to score. This is the #1 most efficient offense in the country at almost 1.25 points per possession. In their 3 losses they around 1.03 or less.


No Hero Ball - This is my new pet peeve and I don’t think it is a Gopher epidemic (or is it a pandemic? Or endemic? nevermind). Move the ball, run your sets, take good shots and then make them. Easy right? Really we might need a collective of heroes tonight.


A delayed flight - It would be great if Purdue were flying in today and their flight didn’t land till about 5:30 and they barely had enough time to lace up their shoes before tipoff.


Purdue is very good this year and like I said, the most efficient offense in the country. This is a bad matchup for the Gophers and I think Purdue will win and cover.

Minnesota - 64
Purdue - 77