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Minnesota Basketball: Purdue controls game, defeats Gophers 88-73

A valiant effort against a potential Final Four team, but the Gophers cannot hang with Purdue

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Minnesota Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

THE FACTS: Purdue never trailed and led by as many as 18 in the 2nd half as they cruised to a 88-73 win over the Gophers. Led by Jaden Ivey’s 21 points, Eric Hunter’s 20 and Zach Edey’s double-double, Minnesota was unable to slow down the elite Boilermaker offense.


KEY STAT: The one that matters most, 88 points was the most given up by the Gophers all season. This game was the worst defensive eFG% allowed all season with Purdue shooting 59% from 2 and 50% from three (12/24). As was stated in the 3 Keys post, this game was more about defense than keeping up on offense. Cause the Gophers were also 50% from three (11/22), and that will frequently turn into a win for Minnesota.

THE TURNING POINT: The opening couple minutes, Purdue jumped out to a 10-2 lead and never looked back. Minnesota made a couple runs to get the game to within 10 points but Purdue always had an answer.

HOT: Payton Willis has been has been scoring a lot lately. Last night was a 24 point game with 10 assists and 3 steals last night. He’s 16/31 from three over the last 4 games and is truly the leader on the floor for the Gophers.

GOOD MOVE: Starting Charlie Daniels over Eric Curry. The Purdue bigs have been consistently getting opposing bigs into foul trouble. Starting Daniels allowed Curry to come in later and not get bogged down with early fouls.

THE QUOTE: Matt Painter after the game on Ben Johnson. “He’s done a fabulous job with this group, and he’s going to do well because there’s a bunch of players here. There’s a bunch of players in the Minneapolis area, and we all know there’s only one division I school. So, I know he’s going to go as hard as he can to get people to stay home, but he’s also proven he can go out and get other guys. And he’s been other places to be able to do that, so they’ve got the right guy. They’ve got the right guy and he’s going to do great.”

A solid effort by the less talented Gophers. It was clearly not enough, but wasn’t likely to be anyway.

UP NEXT: At Iowa on Sunday to face the Hawkeyes for the second time this season.