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TDG Tournament Challenge Update: Final Four Edition

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Duke versus UNC and Kansas versus Villanova. Just like we all predicted right? Let no one claim that NCAA Basketball is full of corrupt, cheating programs because these four programs Play. The. Game. The. Right. Way.

The Leaderboard

There are several brackets competing to be the last one standing this year. With some handwaving, the champion should be decided before the final is even played. As a reminder, the winner of the bracket challenge gets a Homefield Apparel University of Minnesota T-shirt.

Frankly the funniest bit of the tournament since the last update is how smoked my bracket has been. GopherNation has risen to the top of the TDG staff rankings through pure attrition.

Other moments of mirth in no particular order:

  • Every picture of every coach realizing that their team lost to Saint Peter’s. No really, every single one was hysterically funny.
  • North Carolina realizing that they were in fact playing a 15 seed for the chance to go to the Final Four. The picture accompanying this article is Hubert Davis’s live reaction when he received the news.
  • GopherNation trying to distract from his comeback attempt by pretending that he was a big fan of Saint Peter’s all along. (Note: this may not have actually happened, but we all know that he thought about it).
  • Villanova and Houston setting basketball back to the last time Wisconsin played.
  • Jim Larrañaga’s complete morph into Jim Boeheim, and watching his team have a similarly futile performance against Kansas.