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Minnesota Basketball: Three keys to beating Penn State in the Big Ten Tournament

What will it take to move on to Thursday in the Big Ten Tournament?

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports


7:30 PM


Penn St

We are into postseason play. The Gophers have little to no hope for any postseason play after the Big Ten Tournament. So enjoy these games while you can before the abyss of the offseason arrives.

Penn State

Mascot: Nittany Lions
Record: 12-16
KenPom Rank: 93

These two teams split during the regular season, each winning on their home floor.



Is Eric Curry THE key? - The senior center had his highest scoring game of the season in the win over Penn State and then his lowest in the loss. Certainly the Nittany Lions did their best to make sure Curry didn’t beat them the second time around, can the Gophers make an adjustment to their adjustment and find opportunities for scoring in the paint?


Defend the Three - Penn State 50% or better from three in both meetings. In Big Ten games only, Penn State ranked 9th 3-point shooting. I’d have to imagine that the two Gopher games helped them to achieve that high of a ranking. If this number drops to a more normal number, that should help the Gophers.


Play free, have fun - These guys are really only playing for the opportunity to keep playing together. Have fun, make some shots and get a win.


Last game I let my head dictate my prediction over my heart. Not today!

I think the Gophers have every opportunity to win this game. No need to explain my logic here.

Minnesota - 69
Penn State - 63