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Announcing the winner of the TDG Tournament Challenge

Syndication: The Topeka Capital-Journal Rafael Garcia/The Capital-Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Kansas defeated North Carolina to win another national championship for a scrappy upstart team with little resources. Once again March Madness proves that no matter how little money you receive from shoe companies to pay players under the table, how little you care about academic integrity, or how hypocritically self righteous you are about playing the game the right way, you too can be rewarded with extensive rents in a corrupt system. Congratulations Bill Self!

Congratulations are also in order to our winner in the TDG Bracket Challenge. The top five are here:

Congratulations are in order to Matthew Zeichert’s Best Bracket, filled out by a name that if I saw it on twitter I would assume was a spam account. The true national nightmare was averted as GopherNation did not win the challenge, thus allowing me to continue my streak as the only member of the blog collective that has won.

As mentioned at the beginning of the challenge, our winner receives a Minnesota t-shirt from Homefield Apparel. There are two requirements to claiming your prize. First, comment on this post to express your thrill at winning and second email me at my email in the masthead. Please do so within the next week, the sooner the better.

The completion of the TDG Bracket Challenge also means that this season of Gophers’ Basketball has officially concluded. As always, we appreciate you coming and hanging out in our little corner of internet real estate, and hope you stick around through the silly season.