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TDG Staff Predictions - 2022 Season

The maroon and gold kool-aid is flowing around TDG headquarters.

It’s game week. It’s finally time to [insert your favorite football cliche here]. Which means it’s also time to get the TDG staff on the record with how they think the 2022 season will go. As per usual, I would not expect perfection here. You should not use this to post to make betting, legal, or medical decisions. You should point and laugh if you feel so compelled. With those disclaimers our of the way, I give you the predictions!

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Comments and explanations

Blake: They’ll probably lose to at least one team they’re not supposed to, but I can’t bring myself to predict which team that might be. Michigan State on the road to enter Big Ten play is a tough draw, but I expect them to rebound. I can’t in good conscience pick them to beat Iowa until P.J. Fleck shows me he can.

GoAUpher: Honestly, 8-4 or 9-3 are probably more likely, but I remain the optimist. If that were true, that third (or fourth) loss likely comes to Purdue, Iowa, or Wisconsin. I also wouldn’t be shocked to watch the Gophers win at either Michigan State or Penn State and then drop one to someone else just to frustrate the hell out of everyone. I’m praying for an uneventful (by recent standards) non-con stretch because we have to be due for one sometime, right?

gopherguy05: I really want to see Floyd stay home this season but until it happens I just can’t predict it. But that Iowa game probably decides who heads to Indy so if Minnesota wants to go they need to go at least 2-1 against Purdue/Iowa, and Wisconsin and not lose a stupid game to someone (cough Ilinois Fighting Illini, cough)

GopherNation: I have supreme confidence that we beat Iowa at home this season. Conservative Kirk Ferentz loses his perfect record against Fleck. Those road MSU and PSU games do not look very inviting for the Gopher offensive and defensive lines that are going to be an early-season work-in-progress. But on the flip side, it plays well for the team so get things ironed out before the likes of Iowa and Wisconsin. But I think this team does enough to get themselves into the Big Ten Championship game.

Hipster Gopher: I know even less than the average fan these days. FYI the last time the Gophers went undefeated in 1941. The ghost of Bernie Bierman is rowing the boat. (ed note: hat tip to Hipster for embracing #TheBit)

mowe0018: Reverse jinx FTW.

UStreet: #TheBit lives!

White Speed Receiver: Show me you can beat Iowa, Gophs. That’s the last big hurdle for this program under Fleck and I won’t believe it’ll happen until it does.

wildcat00: I have picked the Gophers to beat Iowa every year for the last decade and been wrong every time. Fool me once, etc. I do have Minnesota only losing once in the B1G West though, so that’s something.

zipsofakron: Highs and lows, baby. If you think this team isn’t going to lose to one of Illinois, Rutgers or Northwestern then pass me a few of those delicious, legal delta-8 gummies. A rare win in East Lansing has everyone talking Pasadena, but back-to-back losses in the middle of the season knock us down to a more familiar place of expectations. A late win versus Iowa sets us up for a delicious loss in Madison with the B1G West on the line once again. You know I’m right, too.

Trends and takeaways

  • There’s a lot of optimism out there. Average prediction for wins is 9.25. (NOTE: for the purpose of the average I’m not counting Hipster or UStreet’s embracing of the bit)
  • Heading to Happy Valley for a White Out night game is the most “popular” pick for a loss (70%). Second most expected loss was @MSU (50%). Rounding out the top 3 was Iowa, with 40% picking another loss to the Hawkeyes.
  • If GopherNation and mowe0018 are right and Minnesota loses to this Nebraska team I’ll eat my hat. They looked TERRIBLE against Northwestern in Ireland and I was very here for it.

What do you think?

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