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Ski-U-Pahdcast - Ep 6.02: It’s NMSU Week!

Laughter, previews, but no handshakes.

The Pahd doesn’t feel like shaking anyone’s hand. That’s right. Your heard us. We’re opposed to the most basic courtesies on a philosophical and moral level and want you, the fans, to know all about it. Coincidentally, it’s also New Mexico State week! Can’t imagine what those two have in common.

We take time out of previewing NMSU to enjoy Nebraska’s loss to Northwestern before breaking down the Aggies. Spoiler: They are not good, though you shouldn’t assume that means Minnesota will blow them out (because we should know better than to assume the Gophers will blow anyone out in the non-con). We also make predictions for how the offense and defense will fare before recapping Volleyball’s opening weekend sweep.

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