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Minnesota Football vs. Michigan State: Staff Predictions

Not everyone is keeping the faith going into Week 4

Both the Minnesota Golden Gophers (3-0) and the staff at The Daily Gopher are undefeated heading into Week 4, but I’m afraid that won’t last much longer, at least on our side. After breezing through the first three weeks of the season, we finally have dissension in our ranks.

The Predictions:

This Week’s Thoughts:

Blake: See my opponent preview.

GoAUpher: Unless MSU can turn around their defensive struggles in a single week, I have confidence that the Gophers offense can score (even minus CRAB).

gopherguy05: It will be a tight one but the Gopher defense does just enough and Tanner Morgan and the rest of the wide receivers step up to win a big one for CRAB.

GopherNation: I think MSU is not as good as advertised and the Gophers win this one. Spartans score late to make it a one-score game. The Gophers struggle to run the ball early but then find success through the air.

HipsterGopher: This is the score from the Halloween night game from 2009. I don’t think our Gophers defense lets up this many points, but man that might have been the most fun game of the Brewster era.

mowe0018: I think we will win but I feel I must sacrifice my pick for the sake of reverse jinxing. I apologize but I can’t help but but be a littlestitious when it comes to the Gophers.

Ustreet: See WSR’s justification

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Sparty’s secondary is not good and we’ll be able to take advantage of that even without CRAB. But their offensive line is even worse and that’s going to be the key. Their fat kids on offense are trash.

wildcat00: I had originally thought this would be a loss for the Gophers, but three weeks in, it feels like these teams are going in opposite directions, and that’s a good development for Minnesota.

zipsofakron: So you’re telling me that Minnesota is favored … heading to a rare destination … against a competent foe ... in a season where people are brimming with confidence? Come on, people, remember your training!

Post your score predictions in the comments!