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Minnesota Basketball: Three keys to a win over Indiana and how to watch

After a competitive road game, can the Gophers get a win over the Hoosiers at home?

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Barn

8:00 PM



The Hoosiers are square in the mass of mediocrity that is the Big Ten this year. Are there just a bunch of good teams beating themselves up? Or are these all average teams and nobody can separate? Hint: It doesn’t matter much for Gopher fans.

But can the Gophers knock off the Hoosiers tomorrow night?

Indiana Hoosiers

Record: 13-6 (4-4)
KenPom Rank: 21



Defend the three - Indiana is 19th in the country in 3pt% and making about 38%. They were just 9/15 in a 13-point win over Michigan State. Of course, they have won games while shooting poorly, but defending the three well would certainly help.


Find more scoring - I know that we are 18 games into the season, and finding alternative or more balanced scoring at this point seems unlikely. But this team seems to be too heavily reliant on 1 scorer per game. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Battle and Garcia playing off each other and giving the Gophers a scoring duo?


Play with toughness - Typically I like more tangible keys, but I really question what this team’s identity is. Really on both ends of the floor. I’d love to see some determination and toughness from this group.


The Hoosiers are hot, having won three games in a row over good Big Ten teams. The three games before that though were 3 consecutive losses. Is there any chance that they are looking ahead to hosting Ohio State on Saturday?

Not likely. The Hoosiers likely end up in the top 4 of the Big Ten by the end of the season. They should be able to pound the ball inside to Trace Jackson-Davis and then kick out to open shooters.

UPDATE: The Gophers will be without Dawson Garcia and Pharrel Payne tonight. Good luck fellas.

Minnesota - 63 58
Indiana - 77 83