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Minnesota Football: Three keys to beating Iowa and how to watch

Floyd of Rosedale is on the line. Here are your keys to a Gopher win over Iowa on the road.

Nebraska v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Want to watch the Gophers at Iowa on Saturday? It’s OK if you don’t, this may not be the prettiest game you’ll watch this season. But if you do plan to watch it, here is how you can view it and some keys to a Gopher win.

How to Watch

Time: 2:30
Stream: NBCSports app

A Gopher win? That hasn’t happened in a long time over the Hawkeyes. Is this the year PJ Fleck finally gets a win over Iowa?


  • Don’t let Iowa jump out early - This is what they do against the Gophers, they play unusually good offense to start the game and then they hang on for dear life with great punting and win. Last year it was a 10-0 start, in 2019 it was a 3-20 start. Don’t let this offense get going early.
  • Special teams - Not even sure what I’m asking for here, but this is going to be a key to a win.
  • Darius Taylor in the end zone - We actually don’t have much problem running the ball on Iowa in recent years. And they aren’t exactly stopping the run this, they just aren’t allowing rushing touchdowns.


  • #4 RB - Leshon Williams - A very good back and really the only threat on the Iowa offense.
  • #3 CB - Cooper Dejean - Maybe the best corner in the Big Ten. Dangerous as a DB and also dangerous as a punt returner.


Can we run the ball with a healthy Darius Taylor? We can? Oh, then I see a path to victory.

Did Joe Rossi spend significant time self-scouting and has been able to adequately communicate how his defense can play better? He did? Then again, I see a path to victory.

Honestly, if the Gophers don’t give up big plays and let the Iowa offense be the Iowa offense, I think this is a very winable game.

Minnesota - 23
Iowa - 13