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Minnesota Football vs. Michigan: Staff Predictions

We’ve got a couple optimists on staff

The Minnesota Golden Gophers (3-2) have a monumental challenge ahead of them with the No. 2-ranked Michigan Wolverines (5-0) rolling into Huntington Bank Stadium tonight.

This Week’s Thoughts:

Blake: See my opponent preview.

GoAUpher: I’m watching this game at a friend’s house here in Cincy. These friends are Michigan fans. They are very nice. I expect we’ll watch and talk about the game for the first quarter before turning our attention to other topics, including sipping many tasty whiskeys. I imagine the game will be on the background and I will ignore it because there will be very little of note to enjoy.

gopherguy05: It won’t be pretty. The longer the Gophers can stay in the game, the (slightly) better chance they will have, but I don’t see the Jug not returning to Ann Arbor with the Wolverines.

GopherNation: See my 3 Keys post.

HipsterGopher: In 1892, Michigan and Minnesota played each other for the first time with the Gophers winning 14-6. It would be very cool if that was the same score this Saturday.

mowe0018: Why not? When do we get our double-digit home dog upset? Isn’t this the epitome of college football? (No, I do not believe this will actually happen but this ain’t for money, so who’s counting?)

Ustreet: Go outside and do something else other than watch this game.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Anybody can pick a blowout, but I’m going to go with a nice boring smothering from Michigan.

zipsofakron: Athan rolls, the defense remembers that it is a Joe Rossi defense, and the team minimizes its mistakes enough to sneak by and provide the upset of the year. There is nothing to lose.

Post your score predictions in the comments!