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Minnesota Football vs. Ohio State: Staff Predictions

Abandon all hope ye who enter here

The Minnesota Golden Gophers (5-5) make like lambs to the slaughter in their pilgrimage to Columbus for a matchup with the No. 2-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes (10-0).

This Week’s Thoughts:

Blake: See my opponent preview.

GoAUpher: My commentary is the following GIFs:

gopherguy05: Our defense can’t stop anybody, and the Buckeyes have a few dudes on offense who can play. I’d suggest making different Saturday afternoon plans.

GopherNation: This game may not even be fun to watch. Just stay healthy.

Ustreet: Real “stop he’s already dead” vibes.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: The only positive is that the Ladyfriend is from a family of Buckeyes and this will make everyone quite happy.

zipsofakron: Is there any more obvious “looking past the opponent” situation than this one? If this were the Gophers and we were playing Indiana at 10-0 before facing No. 3 Wisconsin they’d absolutely get caught flat footed. And that will happen here! That or they lose by 50.

Post your score predictions in the comments!