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Minnesota Gopher Football: Three keys to beating Ohio State and how to watch

If you want to watch this, here’s how you watch the Gophers at Ohio State and 3 keys to a Minnesota win

Illinois v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

The game is going to be played and it will be interesting to see how Minnesota responds after getting pummelled at Purdue.

How to Watch

Time: 3:00

Is this going to be a Gopher win? Highly unlikely, but if they are going to pull off one of the biggest upsets in program history, this is how.


  • No big plays - Big plays, chunk plays have killed this defense all year. I am very nervous about this today.
  • Run the ball - It is pretty unlikely that Darius Taylor is going to play today, but this offense has got to run the ball effectively and then hit on well-timed passes.
  • Ohio State is looking ahead to Michigan - Their season is on the line next week and they really have little reason to be concerned about the Gophers, maybe they’re looking ahead to next week and think they’ll win by just showing up.


  • #18 WR - Marvin Harrison Jr. - Already over 1,000 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns, this kid is going to be a top 10 pick in next year’s draft. Remember when Isaiah Williams 13 catches for 131 yards against this Gopher secondary? Harrison Jr. scares the crap out of me.
  • #91 LB - Tyleik Williams - Big dude in the middle of that defensive line who will be dangerous when we are running the ball or passing.


This Ohio State defense is really good, it is going to be really hard to move the ball today. And then on offense they have big play ability all over the place. This matchup is a nightmare.

With that said, I do think that the Buckeyes have a bit of a tendency to be looking ahead today, especially after Purdue put up 49 on the Gophers defense. This will be closer than most Gopher fans are assuming. And by closer I mean instead of giving up 50, Ohio State will score in the 30s. But they’ll still win by 3 scores or more.

Minnesota - 13
Ohio State - 38