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Minnesota Football vs. Wisconsin: Staff Predictions

The last gasp of the season(?)

The Minnesota Golden Gophers (5-6) look to win three in a row against the Wisconsin Badgers (6-5) for the first time since they won four straight from 1984-87.

This Week’s Thoughts:

Blake: See my opponent preview.

GoAUpher: Both of these teams are not good and anyone picking Wisconsin is a defeatist and deserves to hear boos sent in their direction. There is no clear idea of what to expect in this game because, again, these are both bad teams and you can find evidence to support any conclusion you want. So pick Minnesota, you cowards.

gopherguy05: Just keep the damn Axe. Give us something to cling to until next fall.

GopherNation: Maybe wishful thinking, but I’m hopeful that this season has some redeeming qualities. Having Floyd and the Axe would be great.


Ustreet: All the other writers who picked Wisconsin are not to be trusted with this prediction.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Has Minnesota had a good year? No, I’d argue it’s been pretty mediocre. While we have beaten Iowa and Nebraska, we’ve lost to three pretty bad football teams in Purdue, Illinois, and Northwestern. And wisconsin is bad. Like “2nd worst team in the division after Purdue, who we lost to” bad. Thankfully, Peej knows how important this game is, which is why anyone who is really important (DARIUS TAYLOR II) has been sitting unless they’re 100% in anticipation of this game. Do not fuck this up. They’re fucking awful, and they have the most overrated player in recent memory. Bury their asses and get ready for a trip to Nashville.

wildcat00: It’s exactly the sort of season where the Gophers will somehow win all their rivalry games while losing to everyone else. That’s just how things go now.

zipsofakron: We’re bad but Wisconsin is also bad. The players are pissed that the season has taken this turn and they know deep down that this is a legitimate shot at redemption. I think they live up to the moment, P.J. slightly changes his best in response to all of the consternation, and things finally go Minnesota’s way.

Post your score predictions in the comments!