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Minnesota Football: Three keys to beating Illinois and how to watch

How can Minnesota end a 2-game losing streak to the Illini?

Michigan State v Minnesota Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Never beating Bret Bielema is unacceptable, can the Gophers take down Illinois and grab hold of the Big Ten West?

How to Watch

Time: 2:30
Stream: FoxSports app



  • More end zone - Way too few times in the end zone and too many field goal attempts for the Gopher offense. Must find a way to finish drives in the end zone.
  • Stop the pass - The Illini offense is better at passing than running, but they are also prone to interceptions. A couple picks would be huge, but primarily I’d just like to see them getting pressured and struggling to find open receivers.
  • Get Kaliakmanis in a rhythm - Have we established that his is a team that runs the ball and runs it well? Yes, we have. Even the 5th string RB is able to rack up yards and win awards. But finding some success for Kaliakmanis and the passing game would be huge.


  • #5 QB- Luke Altmyer - Sophomore quarterback who has been known to throw a few interceptions this year. But what concerns me most is that he very nearly is leading the Fighting Illini in rushing as well.
  • #4 DT - Jer’Zon Newton - Potentially a top 10 pick in next spring’s NFL Draft this guy is capable of creating massive problems in the offensive backfield.


There is no good reason that the Gophers should lose this game, just like the last 2 seasons against Illinois. And they lost both of those.

If I have to pick, I’m taking Illinois. We ended the Iowa streak, but ending the Bielema streak may be too much to ask. If we can find the end zone twice, we’ll win. But that seems like a lot to ask.

Minnesota - 12
Illinois - 16