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You Maniacs! You blew the Pahd up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

This is the final show folks. That’s it. There are no more.

Friends, this is the final ever Ski-U-Pahdcast. After today, we’re hanging it up. No more Pahd. No more Great Takes. No more Minnesota Nice (though let’s be honest that one died about 4 seasons ago...RIP Woodchipper logo).

My finest work

Vox Media, aka The Mothership, has decided that they don’t want to pay for podcasts like our little slice of Minnesota talk anymore. A very large % of the SB Nation Network’s podcasts are getting axed. As much as we enjoy doing this, doing it at loss (we currently get a small stipend, but more importantly all the hosting fees are covered) isn’t something we can cover.

And so it is with sadness in our hearts that we share with you the final Pahd. At least until Vox pivots back to podcasting in 3 years when they decide it’s worth the money again (probably when TikTok starts finding a way to incentivise it, don’t ask me how that’s possible social media is dumb and media companies are even dumber so they’ll find a way).

We’ve loved doing this, and judging by the numbers at least some of you have enjoyed listening. Or maybe everyone just hate listened. We can’t be sure. We’re appreciative of your ears either way.

This episode’s format is more free form. There will be no talk about basketball. Losing the Pahd is depressing enough. We talk about hockey (eventually) and that’s it. The rest is a version of what we call Pahdcast After Dark. Basically it’s the sort of free-wheeling convo we have always had with each other before/after recording an episode.

  • The history of TGIFridays is discussed.
  • We learn that Blake didn’t know that Cheers was set in Boston.
  • Chris is accused of sabotaging the Pahd by not eating at Chili’s.
  • We remember the time that Rutgers fans tried to cancel Andy on Twitter for saying their football team sucked.

And that only covers about 15% of the episode’s content. Enjoy. Or not. Your opinion can’t save us (but we love you all the same).

Listen to the Pahd here or on your favorite podcast streaming app (at least until The Mothership stops paying the hosting fees and we drift into the abyss of the internet for good).