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Recapping the Bracket through the Round of 32

Florida Atlantic v Memphis Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Men’s NCAA Tournament is through the second round, and it is the perfect opportunity to check in on the results. Joining me today to help is my good friend “Laughing Minnesota Cheerleader” to provide the appropriate response to Purdue’s loss.

Laughing Cheerleader will be here with us through the rest of the tournament.

Sadly, we were unable to get an interview with Purdue’s whiteboard, but rest assured that given their current status in the bracket challenge, GopherNation and gopherguy05 have nothing but time to secure you the exclusive interview.

Standings After the Round of 32

TDG Bracket Leaderboard

Bracket Champion Max Possible Total
Bracket Champion Max Possible Total
kusko_andy Alabama 1590 470
The Answer Key Alabama 1430 430
Complete Moron Status Gonzaga 1230 430
Gopher 505 Houston 1100 420
Fueled by Starry Kansas :( 940 420
Nick Juckel Too Houston 1530 410
UStreet Texas 1490 410
Feodor Thagrelius Houston 1490 410
Glam slam Alabama 1210 410

As per usual, I am single-handedly keeping the blog’s honor in the Top 10. kusko_andy is in the enviable position of having the best current score and highest max possible score remaining. They also dominate three other brackets that have the same national champion.